Introducing the Shelly TRV

Cut Your Energy Costs this Winter with the Shelly TRV

Discover the future of home heating with our smart TRV. Effortlessly save energy and enhance your comfort.

Why Shelly TRV

Saving Energy, Boosting Comfort, and Storing Heating Data for the Connected Home

The Shelly TRV, or smart thermostatic radiator valve, is a device that can be used to control the temperature of individual rooms or zones within a home. It works by being installed onto the radiator and communicating wirelessly with other devices in the home and a smartphone app.

The Shelly TRV can be programmed to adjust the temperature of a room based on the time of day or to turn off when the room is not in use. This can help to reduce energy consumption and lower heating bills, as it allows you to heat only the rooms that are in use, rather than heating the entire home.

With the Shelly TRV, you can easily and conveniently control the temperature in your home for optimal comfort. Whether you’re in the room or away, you can adjust the temperature using the Shelly Cloud app or through voice commands with your favorite voice assistant. The TRV ensures that the temperature in your room stays consistent without any deviation, providing a comfortable environment for you and your family.

In addition to being able to control the temperature of a room, a smart TRV can also provide data on temperature and heating patterns within the home, which can be used to identify areas where energy can be saved or to make adjustments to the heating system. This data can be stored and analyzed over time, giving you a better understanding of your energy usage and how to optimize your heating settings for maximum efficiency and comfort.

Shelly’s Smart WiFi TRV takes this concept a step further, by allowing you to control your home’s temperature settings from anywhere, using the Shelly Cloud app on your smartphone or tablet. This means you can adjust your heating settings even when you’re not at home, giving you complete control and flexibility over your indoor climate.

How Does the Shelly TRV Save you Money?

Zone Heating

One of the biggest benefits of using the Shelly TRV is the ability to control the temperature in individual rooms or zones. This means you can heat only the rooms that are in use, rather than wasting energy heating your entire home.

Profiles & Schedules

With the Shelly TRV, you can set specific temperature schedules for each room or zone, based on your daily routine. For example, you can set the temperature to be higher in the rooms you use most in the morning and in the evening, and lower during the day or when you’re sleeping.
Shelly TRV also support up to 5 profiles. Set the “Holiday” profile to switch off a day before your return and Shelly TRV will increase the heating levels to their pre-set temperature, so that you come home to a cozy atmosphere.

Open Window Detection

  1. Shelly TRV comes with an open window detection feature, which can link with a Door/Window sensor and adjust the heating accordingly. This can prevent energy waste by turning off the heating when a window is open, rather than heating the cold air that is coming in.

Energy Usage Data

By tracking and storing temperature and heating data, the Shelly TRV can help you identify areas where you may be wasting energy or using too much heating. This data can be used to make adjustments to your heating settings, ultimately leading to energy savings and lower bills.

Remote Control

The Shelly TRV allows you to control your heating settings from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet. This means you can adjust the temperature before you get home, or turn off the heating if you forgot to do it before leaving the house.


Powerful Features for Ultimate Control

WiFi Operated

The Shelly TRV connects directly to your existing WiFi network, so no extra hub is required.

Large Battery

Enjoy up to 2 years of battery life with the integrated battery, and easily recharge with a USB type-c cable. 

LED Display

Featuring a led display and physical buttons for local control, with child lock options available. 

Easy Integration

Compatible with Google Home, Alexa, and many more Home Automation platforms.


Set multiple profiles with individual schedules for each, to keep your home at the perfect temperature.

External Sensor

Supports external temperature sensors for more accurate readings.


Empower Your Connected Home

Link other Shelly devices to your Shelly TRV to create a powerful interconnected system


Boiler Control

By connecting your Shelly TRV with a Shelly Plus 1, you can easily control your boiler for optimal energy efficiency and home comfort.

External Temp Sensor

Connect the TRV to a Shelly Plus H&T for more accurate measurements for larger rooms and automatically adjust the heating accordingly.

Window Sensor

Link your TRV to the Shelly Door/Window 2 to automatically pause the heating when the window is opened, and resume when closed. 

Motion Sensor

Set your heating to only be activated when the room is occupied by linking your Shelly TRV with the Shelly Motion 2 within the app.


Install the Shelly TRV in 4 easy steps

Remove the existing thermostatic Valve Head

Find the correct adapter in the box if needed

Attach the Shelly TRV to the valve

Connect the Shelly TRV to your wifi & download the Shelly Cloud app


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