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Shelly H&T USB Power add-on (White)

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USB power supply for the Shelly H&T

With this Shelly H&T accessory, you can power your H&T via a micro USB cable with any 5V power adapter.

  • Unlimited Power

    No more changing batteries. Keep your Shelly H&T going forever with this USB power add-on.

  • More Frequent Readings

    Get temperature and humidity readings up to every 5 minutes when using the USB power add-on.

  • Easy Setup

    Just remove the battery and the bottom half of your Shelly H&T and replace with this USB power add-on to get up and running.



  • Power supply 5V DC
  • Cable Type Standard micro USB cable


  • Comaptible with Shelly H&T

How it works?

Download the Shelly Cloud application on your smartphone or tablet
Connect Shelly H&T USB Power add-on to your Wi-Fi router
Place the device wherever you wish


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